The Most Efficient Way to Keep Your Trees, Shrubs and Gardens Looking Great

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A variety of WaterSmart® solutions makes irrigation effective and efficient

When it comes to watering your lawn, trees, shrubs and gardens, less can be more. Being efficient with water is good for outdoor landscaping and plants along with being environmentally friendly. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as much as 50% of the water used for outdoor irrigation is lost or wasted due to over-watering, runoff or evaporation. Plus, using less water means you’ll keep more money in the bank. 

“Water is the lifeblood of healthy and beautiful landscaping, and it’s also a precious resource,” said Alexis Deasy, senior marketing communications manager for Toro’s Irrigation Business. “With WaterSmart® solutions, homeowners don’t have to choose between watering or being environmentally friendly – they can have both.”

How can you avoid wasting water? Thankfully, there are variety of WaterSmart® solutions available to ensure irrigation is both effective and sustainable, not to mention good for your wallet.

What are WaterSmart solutions

Knowing the importance of water efficiency, Toro’s irrigation team is constantly working to find the best precision irrigation solutions for homeowners. With this focus, Toro created WaterSmart solutions, components of an irrigation system – the controller, valves and sprinklers – that ensure your landscape is properly irrigated, saving water and your money. These industry-leading products are setting the new standard of performance in water efficiency. Whether you are replacing one irrigation part or the whole system, most WaterSmart products can be retrofitted or added to any system, no matter the brand, making the installation process simple.

Choose the right sprinkler nozzle

If you’re ready to use WaterSmart solutions for your outdoor spaces, it’s important to choose the right nozzle. A great place to start is with Toro’s Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles with H2Ochip technology. These are the brand’s most water efficient nozzles, using up to 35% less water while achieving the same spray distance as conventional nozzles. 

What makes these nozzles different is the specially designed chamber, which creates an oscillating motion rather than a straight stream of water. This innovative water delivery allows for larger, more uniform water droplets and improved coverage. 

There are five different nozzle choices available. Choose the right one for you based on the distance you’d like the water to spray: 5 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 15 feet. There’s also a side strip nozzle, and all these nozzles are available in patterns from 60 to 360 degrees. The best part? These nozzles are compatible with most other brands, and as easy to change as a lightbulb. So, you can integrate these with your existing system. 

These nozzles will keep your landscape healthy and looking great all while reducing water usage. 

Go with drip irrigation for more sensitive areas

For bountiful, beautiful beds and gardens, consider drip irrigation instead of spray head sprinklers. Drip irrigation is especially effective in these areas because it applies water directly to plants’ root zones rather than through air. It is up to 90% efficient at watering plants, meaningless water is lost to evaporation or wind drift and gets right where it is needed. With Toro’s Blue Stripe Drip irrigation, you can achieve deeper watering, making this type of irrigation precise and effective. 

Whichever irrigation solution you choose, focus on efficiency and effectiveness to save water and money, all while creating healthy, beautiful landscaping. For more information, check out the WaterSmart irrigation products.

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