The Most Efficient Way to Keep Your Trees, Shrubs and Gardens Looking Great

A variety of WaterSmart® solutions makes irrigation effective and efficient When it comes to watering your lawn, trees, shrubs and gardens, less can be more. Being efficient with water is good for outdoor landscaping and plants along with being environmentally friendly. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as much as 50% of the water used for outdoor irrigation is lost or wasted due to over-watering, runoff or evaporation. Plus, using less water means you’ll Read more…

Ways to Save Water: Best Practices for Watering Trees

When it comes to trees, how do you balance saving water and keeping trees irrigated and healthy? Understanding the needs your tree will have based on its current life stage is the best place to start. Watering Newly Planted Trees When a tree is first planted, most of its roots are still located inside the Read more…

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