A battered and brown lawn isn’t dead, it just needs some TLC. Experts share their advice for combating pests, disease and other environmental factors that are standing between you and your perfect yard.


How to Soften and Loosen Clay Soil

If the earth on your property is…

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What Type of Soil Do I Have?

Soil is the foundation for your entire…

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How to Spot Spring Lawn Diseases

Seeing spots? Grass looking a little gray,…

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The Right Warm- and Cool-Season Grasses for Every Environment

No species of grass can thrive everywhere,…

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Invasive Grasses in Lawns: A Guide

Invasive grasses and weeds can quickly turn…

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How to Revive Grass After Winter

Are you wondering how to revive your…

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Visible Clues to Insects

Knowing your local pests and their life…

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Above Ground Lawn Pests

Chinch Bugs Chinch bugs are the premier…

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Aerating Compacted Lawns

Aeration, also called core cultivation, is an…

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Is Your Lawn In Need Of Restoration?

Your lawn might look a little tired, but that doesn’t mean it’s past the point of no return. Find out if your lawn is a good candidate for lawn restoration.

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