A battered and brown lawn isn’t dead, it just needs some TLC. Experts share their advice for combating pests, disease and other environmental factors that are standing between you and your perfect yard.


Restoring a Tired Lawn

Restoring a tired lawn allows you to…

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Is It Really Lawn Disease?

The best time to assess your turf’s…

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Spring-Through-Fall Lawn Diseases

Fairy Rings Caused by more than 50…

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How to Overseed Your Lawn When Reseeding

When the temperatures start to cool off…

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How to Overseed a Lawn and Why

Have you ever heard friends or neighbors…

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How to Fix My Lawn: Eight Steps for DIY Lawn Restoration

How Do I Turn My Bad Lawn…

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Learn How Much Fertilizer Your Lawn Needs with the Lawn Care Nut

Ever wonder how much fertilizer your lawn…

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Nitrogen for Lawn Care and Grass Growth

When it comes to lawn care, having…

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How to Kill Dandelions Naturally

Killing dandelions naturally can be hard. A…

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Is Your Lawn In Need Of Restoration?

Your lawn might look a little tired, but that doesn’t mean it’s past the point of no return. Find out if your lawn is a good candidate for lawn restoration.

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