Smarter Sprinkling Systems: It’s Time to Upgrade Your Outdoor Technology

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When is the last time you upgraded your phone, computer, or smart home technology? Now think about the last time you upgraded your sprinkler system? If it’s been more than five years, advancements in technology are passing you by. New irrigation products can save you time and money, and they can save water too.

More than ever, we rely on technology to help us work and play more efficiently. The same is true when it comes to watering our lawns and landscapes. Improvements to irrigation controllers, nozzles, sprinklers, and sensors make watering easier and more effective. Here are a few new tools to check out at your near-by home improvement retailer. If doing it yourself is not on your to-do list, contact your local irrigation professional.

Install a Rain Sensor

Watering your lawn when it’s raining is the definition of inefficiency. Newer model rain sensors measure the amount of precipitation and shut off your sprinkler system when your lawn has received enough moisture from Mother Nature. This simple upgrade saves money and cuts down on water waste. If you live in a colder climate, be sure to use a rain and freeze sensor. This model shuts off your system in cold temperatures too.

New Nozzles Offer New Savings

Using newer, more efficient nozzles in your sprinkler heads can reduce the amount of water your lawn and landscape needs. Technological advances, such as those found in Toro’s Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles can lower water usage by as much as 35%. These high efficiency nozzles use proprietary H2O technology to produce a high frequency oscillating stream that generates larger, more uniform water droplets. This uniformity, paired with a water delivery rate of 1 inch per hour is the most efficient way to give your lawn and landscape the moisture it needs.

Upgrading Controllers

Recent advancements in irrigation controllers have made them an invaluable tool for saving water, time, and money. Preprogrammed and customizable watering schedules allow you to get the most out of your sprinkler system. Newer smart controllers can work with your existing system and feature more user-friendly interfaces that are easier to program. They also help with water saving, offering seasonal adjustment options and easy pairing with sensors and weather stations. Many can even be run from your computer or smart phone.

Adding Drip Irrigation

If your landscape includes a beautiful flower garden, shrubs or even a vegetable garden, drip irrigation is a must-have. Drip Irrigation delivers water right where the plants need it – to the root system – in a slow and study manner. Experts say drip irrigation is up to 90% efficient, reduces runoff and helps develop lush and productive garden spaces. Drip irrigation can be integrated into your current system or run from a hose end timer.

Is your irrigation system as smart as it could be? Simple tech upgrades can make a big difference – saving water, time, and money.

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