Installing Outdoor Lighting in Phases

Where to start and how to grow your outdoor lighting design.

Landscaping a home is an exciting time. As a homeowner, it can extend your living space or be a beautiful place to escape. However, you decide to use your space, creating a custom-designed yard is no small feat. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to revamp your home’s existing outdoor spaces, working in phases could be the right choice for you.

“While it’s exciting to see the full beautiful end result quickly, sometimes it’s necessary to do big outdoor landscaping projects in steps,” said Alexis Deasy, marketing communications manager for Unique Lighting Systems.

There could be many reasons for tackling your outdoor landscaping project one space at a time. Maybe it’s a large area that will take a lot of time, and the availability of your schedule only allows for a portion of it to be done at once. Or if big projects are overwhelming to you, working on landscaping one space at a time can make your end goal a lot more manageable. If you’re working with a rolling budget, taking on outdoor spaces in segments can help keep you on track.   

“Thankfully when it comes to the outdoor lighting portion of landscaping, Unique Lighting Systems makes it easy to work in phases,” Deasy said. “Our HUB Wiring System was designed with flexibility in mind, making future system expansion easier for your professional installer. It helps makes a large project much less daunting.”

If installing in phases seems right for you and your home, it’s important to start with an idea of how you want the finished plan to look. This master plan will help guide the process. Even if it slightly changes over time, having an idea for the layout of your landscaping will help complete the project in bite-sized pieces over time.

Once you have an idea of the full scope of the project, choose one area as your first focal space to finish. This starting point will be different for each home’s landscaping, but think through what would make the most sense and build on it. Maybe it is optimal to start with the entry way, adding in lighting such as wall washing. If your outdoor living space is the best place to begin, perhaps you would add graze lighting or up lighting to the mix.

Regardless of how you phase your project, you can rest easy knowing that whether you start the next phase of your landscaping in a few days or a few years, the Unique Lighting Systems outdoor lighting is easily expandable because of its innovative wiring systems. 

So, get started on that outdoor project. Once it’s complete, let that area shine – literally! For more information on how to finish your outdoor lighting in phases, talk with your local lighting professional.

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