Outdoor Lighting Tips and Terms for Working with a Pro

Whether you have never worked with a professional before or have done so many times in the past, it can be helpful to know a few industry terms and information before starting an outdoor lighting project. This way, you are one step closer to planning a design that elevates your outdoor space and adds value to your home.

“Communication between the homeowner and the professional is so important when it comes to installing outdoor lighting,” said Alexis Deasy, marketing communications manager for Unique Lighting Systems. “Being on the same page, especially knowing basic industry tips and terms to use when working together, will make the project process simplified and seamless.”

Here are a few light source and fixture terms you might encounter during your outdoor lighting project process:

LED Lighting

You probably have seen and heard about LED lighting products for years. But do you truly know what you’re getting when you use them? LED stands for light emitting diode and is a more energy efficient, longer lasting lighting option compared to incandescent lights, according to Energy Star. While the upfront cost of LED bulbs is higher, the whole life cost is typically lower than that of other kinds of bulbs due to their longevity. While LEDs tend to be on the cooler blue or the higher temperature color end of the spectrum, they come in a variety of temperature colors.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen light bulbs are a higher energy efficient type of incandescent light bulb that have warm or yellow hues and produce a lot of heat. They are also a great option for dimmable lights. While LEDs are becoming a more widely popular option for lighting, halogen bulbs are still an option for outdoor lighting.

Pre-Lamped Fixtures, Non-Lamped Fixtures

At Unique Lighting Systems, fixtures can either come pre-lamped or non-lamped, meaning they can come with a light already placed inside, or you can choose the best light for your design. For certain fixtures, this can give you the option of choosing the LED or halogen light that works best for you and your outdoor or landscape area. Non-lamped fixtures can also give you the flexibility to choose the right wattage for each application.

Adjustable Beam Fixtures

With an adjustable beam fixture, you have the option to change how the light projects. Do you want different lighting effects for different times of the year, or do you want to switch your focal point? Adjustable beam fixtures allow for that, giving custom-lighting flexibility depending on what you would like featured at any given moment.

Fixed Lens Fixtures

Opposite of the adjustable beam fixtures, fixed lens fixtures give the consistency of one type of lighting effect. Do you have one focal point in your outdoor space or landscape that you know won’t change or have a space that keeps every beam of light the same? Then a fixed lens fixture is for you!

With these terms in mind, your next interaction with an outdoor lighting professional or landscape architect will help you make the best decisions for your upcoming project. Whether your project is big or small, grand, or minimal, choose the bulb and fixtures that work best for you and will make your outdoor area shine.

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