How to Prep Your Snow Blower for Storage

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Transitions can be hard for seasonal equipment. Snow blowers are often parked in the garage after the last snow without a second thought only to be powered up and pushed into the first snowfall with the expectations of top-notch performance. You can make sure that your snow blower is ready for storage and the first snow when you perform these five simple steps.

How to Prepare a Snow Blower for Summer in 5 Steps 

It’s funny how easy it can be to completely forget the equipment that got you through the whole winter once the sun is shining and the birds are singing. But going through this step list will help make sure that your snow blower works for many seasons to come.

Step 1. Drain the Fuel System

For starters, empty the fuel system by running the engine dry. It’s a good idea to use Toro Premium Fuel Treatment all season long but if you haven’t done that, put a little in your tank before you run the fuel out.

Why add fuel treatment before you drain the fuel? Because it prevents any gas that’s left from forming dummy deposits in the fuel system or fouling your carburetor or spark plug. When the engine stops running, engage the choke and try to restart it. Keep restarting it until it won’t start anymore. Then, loosen the carburetor drain bolt to drain that last little bit of gas into an approved container.

Step 2. Change the Engine Oil

Now that you’ve drained the fuel system, it’s a great time to change the engine oil and refill it with fresh Toro 4-Cycle Winter Engine Oil. Do it while the engine and oil are still warm to make sure that more of the old oil drains out.

When you’re winterizing a snow blower or getting it ready for storage, changing the oil is key to keeping it running smoothly next season. Here are some helpful Toro snow maintenance videos on how to properly change your engine oil:

Step 3. Inspect Cables, Rotor Blades, and Scraper

Back to that spring day. You’re halfway ready to put your snow blower in storage. Give your machine a walk-around inspection. Tighten any loose cables, nuts or fasteners. Inspect wear parts that might have worn down like your rotor blades and scraper on a single-stage blower or the auger scraper and skids on a two-stage machine. If anything looks worn or damaged, replace it with genuine Toro parts.

Step 4. Protect from Rust – Especially in Humid Summer Months

If you have a two-stage machine, grease the wheel shafts to inhibit rust. If you find any chipped surfaces, sand them and then touch them up with Toro Red Touch-Up Paint so they don’t expand during the humid summer months. The best snow blower storage is dry and far away from heat sources such as furnaces or water heaters. Storing in the house or basement can pose ignition issues and should be avoided.

Step 5. Review the Off-Season Storage Section of Your Owner’s Manual

Lastly, take a look through the off-season storage section of your owner’s manual. Use a protective single-stage snow blower cover as shown below to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating in and on your snow blower during the summer months.

Built to Last

Now that you’ve learned how to prepare your snow blower for summer storage, you’ll be more prepared for next winter’s first blizzard. After all, there’s nothing worse than not being prepared when the wind is chilling you to the bone as you struggle with your equipment.

If you service a snow blower in the spring, it’ll last longer and perform better. That’s something you’ll really appreciate the next time it snows.

Make sure to protect the reliability of your snow blower with parts designed specifically for your Toro model. Genuine Toro parts are made from premium materials and engineered to enhance the safety and performance of your Toro equipment. Plus, every part we ship comes with a one-year full warranty*.

*See your local dealer or retailer for complete warranty details.

Beyond Snow Blower Storage: More Toro YardCare Education

There’s a lot more to learn about snow blower maintenance. Read Toro’s tips for buying a snow blower or starting a snow blower for the first time in the season. No matter the weather, our resources are here for lawn care maintenance and equipment advice.


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