Recycle Grass Clippings with Toro Recycler Mowers

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What is a Recycler Lawn Mower?

Bagging and transporting grass clippings to a secondary location may be the traditional way of getting rid of grass clippings, but with Toro Recycler and Super Recycler mowers, there’s no need. Using a mower that recycles your clippings back into your grass for a faster cut and a healthier lawn.

Toro Recycler mulching design slices and dices grass clippings up into little pieces and spreads them all over your lawn to return nutrition back to your turf. On Toro mowers with Recycler technology, the Atomic Blade slices each blade of grass twice per rotation and has a sail-like bend to increase airflow and send the clipping back for another rotation. With a front throw chamber to act as an escape hatch, minced clippings can be discharged without clumping for a healthy, vitamin-rich lawn.

Benefits of Recycling Grass Clippings

You add fertilizer and water your grass all season long. Lugging this healthy, well-fed grass to your local compost just doesn’t make any sense. It’s more work and you’re throwing away a third of the water and fertilizer that went into your lawn in the first place.

We understand some lawn enthusiasts worry that recycling grass cuttings will cause thatch but that’s not true. Thatch is caused by roots and stems that build up too close to the surface, not by grass clippings.

When you use a Toro mower with Recycler technology, the tiny pieces are blown to ground level, minimizing clumping and maximizing the nutrients and moisture that are returned to the soil.

Beyond Toro Mulching Mowers: More YardCare Answers

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