A time for growth and renewal. We’ve got expert advice and insight to prepare your lawn to spring forward.

How to Get Your Outdoor Power Equipment Ready for Spring

After your outdoor power equipment has been…

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The Right Warm- and Cool-Season Grasses for Every Environment

No species of grass can thrive everywhere,…

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Invasive Grasses in Lawns: A Guide

Invasive grasses and weeds can quickly turn…

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The Best Time to Plant Grass Seed

If you’re looking to plant a new…

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How to Revive Grass After Winter

Are you wondering how to revive your…

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When to Start Mowing in Spring

You might be tempted to pull out…

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When and How to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Spring

Winter has come and gone and the…

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Buyer’s Guide: The Zero-Turn Mower for Large Yards

Zero-turn mowers offer the ability to cut…

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How to Assemble a Toro Single Stage Snow Blower

Just purchased your first Toro Single-Stage Snow…

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When is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn?

No matter the grass, aeration is key to achieving a lush, healthy lawn. Find the best time to aerate your yard, and how often you should do it, based on your turf type.

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