Discover the secrets to keeping your lawn luscious and healthy year after year. Plus, how to make sure your lawn care equipment can keep up.

3 Ways to Improve Your Lawn’s Health

Fertilizer Basics for Reducing Lawn Maintenance

Reduce your lawn maintenance by understanding these…

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Irrigation System & Sprinkler System Maintenance

Irrigation systems need regular maintenance to keep…

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WaterSmart® Irrigation 101: Make Your Irrigation System Smart

Most homeowners overwater their yard, unintentionally wasting…

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Fertilizer Guidelines

Learn the 9 basic guidelines of fertilizers,…

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Understanding Pressure Regulating Sprinklers: Your Guide to Next-Level Outdoor Water Savings

If you’re in need of a new…

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How to Design a Beautiful Yard That’s Mower-Friendly

One of the good things about fall…

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Removing Thatch and Weeds From Lawn

The first step to lawn restoration is…

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Overseeding Southern Lawns for Winter Color

Why Overseed? Warm-season grasses have a major…

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What to Wear for Pest & Weed Control

Whether you’re using insecticides and herbicides derived…

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Raking vs. Mulching Leaves: Which Is Better?

Autumn’s arrival brings the age-old question: What do I do with the leaves? While raking may feel like the obvious answer, the benefits of mulching instead may surprise you.

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