Save Water with Toro’s Top 3 High-Tech Yard Tools

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Creating and maintaining a healthy, sustainable lawn and landscape is now easier than ever. Putting technology to work in your yard takes the guesswork out of watering, helping you reduce water waste.

Toro Sensing Technology for Homeowners

Monitoring the amount of moisture in your soil gives you the ability to water only when your lawn needs it. Many of the top golf courses, sports venues and high-end commercial landscapes around the world count on Toro sensing technology to reduce water waste and apply resources more efficiently.

This same technology is now available for homeowners with three innovative products that monitor the soil, weather and rain.

1. Toro Precision Soil Sensor

The Toro Precision™ Soil Sensor continuously measures moisture levels in your soil, determining if your lawn needs water. The sensor uses wireless technology to communicate with your irrigation controller, telling the system to water only when it is needed. The result is a great looking lawn without wasting water.

2. Toro Wireless ET Weather Sensor

The Toro Wireless ET Weather Sensor uses real-time temperature and solar measurements in combination with historical weather data for your exact location to determine your precise water needs. The weather sensor calculates the amount of water your lawn requires and communicates that data to your EVOLUTION® Series controller via an integrated Smart Connect® Receiver.

All the calculations are done for you and the system updates automatically. The Wireless ET Weather Sensor will also discontinue watering in the event there is measurable precipitation or the outdoor temperature approaches freezing.

3. Toro RainSensors

Watering your lawn while it’s raining is just wasteful. Rain sensors shut down your irrigation system automatically when it rains, providing an easy way to avoid wasting water.

Available in easy-to-install wired and wireless options, Toro RainSensors™ provide prompt reaction when Mother Nature decides to water your lawn. There are even sensors that monitor temperature, shutting down the system when temps drop to near freezing.

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