How to Design a Beautiful Yard That’s Mower-Friendly

One of the good things about fall is we get to start planning our lawns and landscapes for next year. Some of us may be thinking about ways to enhance a plain lawn, while others are looking for a way to make it easier to mow around beds, features, and plantings. These design tips will make it easier to mow while giving your yard a more finished, landscaped look.

Planning Your Space

Create Borders

Good, clean borders between your lawn and your ornamental plantings are a must when you want to be able to mow with ease. This will allow you to maintain a clear separation between the areas you can drive over with your mower and the areas that will require closer weed care.

Create a Center

Use beds full of shrubs and perennials around the outside of the space to frame it. For a formal look, use straight lines. For a less formal look, use gently curving beds (gentle curves are easier to mow than tight curves). This will draw the eye to your plantings while framing the area and creating contrast to a flat sweep of lush, green lawn.

Don’t Forget Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads that protrude from the grass are a lawn mower’s worst enemy. If you’re in the design stages of your lawn, try to find ways to set the sprinkler heads away from the areas you want to mow or choose the kind that retracts and lie flat after use. This will make it easier for you to pass over your lawn with your mower.

Planting Accordingly

Potted Plants

There’s no reason why your plants and exotic blooms have to be put in the ground in order to add appeal. Large potted plants placed on patios or in out-of-the-way spaces are easy to maintain and add visual appeal. This can work especially well for figs, citrus and other less hardy fruit trees that need to winter indoors.

Use Vertical Space

When you design your yard, think about going up instead of going horizontal. By putting in retaining walls, raising your garden beds, and planting creeping plants against a trellis or other feature, you can create a separate space for ornamental plants. This leaves your grass free, open and easy to mow.

Plant in Groups

To make mowing easier, try grouping plants together. By placing them in close proximity to one another and filling the spaces between them with mulch, rocks, or stepping stones, you can avoid mowing around individual plants. This will help you save time while still allowing you to plant as many visually appealing blooms and shrubs as you wish.

Start planning now to make your yard more beautiful but easier to mow next year.

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