How to Remove and Replace a Mower Deck

Man removing the mower deck of a Toro TimeCutter

Learn how to remove and replace the mowing deck on Toro TimeCutter riding lawn mowers. TimeCutter Zero-Turn mowers offer easy maintenance and this video provides step by step instructions on servicing the lawn mower deck.

Video Transcript:

In the next few minutes, we’ll show you how easy it is to remove and reinstall the mowing deck on your Toro TimeCutter Zero-Turn Mower. Before you begin any maintenance procedure, be sure to review the safety information and all relevant instructions in your operator’s manual.

Removing the Mower Deck

  1. On a level surface and gauging the parking brace, disengage the blade control switch.
  2. Stop the engine and remove the key.
  3. Then, lower the height of cut lever to its lowest position.
  4. Next, remove the cotter pin from the front support rod and the rod from the deck bracket.
  5. Carefully lower the front of the deck to the ground.
  6. Lift the mower deck and hanger brackets so they’re clear of the rear left rod and lower the rear of the deck carefully to the ground.
  7. Slide the deck towards the back of the machine to remove the mower belt from the engine pulley.
  8. Then, slide the deck out from underneath the machine.

Now that you have the deck removed you can easily perform maintenance on the blades, clean the deck and even add a recycler kit. Replacing the mower deck is just as easy.

Replacing the Mower Deck

  1. Once again, make sure the height of cut lever is in its lowest position.
  2. Slide the deck under the machine and push it rearward to replace the belt on the engine pulley.
  3. Then move the deck forward until it’s in position to lift the back end and re-hang it on the rear support bracket.
  4. Next, attach the front support rod to the mower deck with the clevis pin and secure with the cotter pin.
  5. Reinstall the belt onto the engine pulley and double check to make sure that it’s securely routed around all pulleys and idlers before you operate the machine.

Once this is completed, you’re ready to mow. Remember, proper maintenance can help you avoid unnecessary parts replacement and keep your Toro TimeCutter Zero-Turn Mower performing at its best for years to come.

Review safety information and relevant instructions from the operating manual before servicing your lawn mower. Visit our FAQ page for more information and instructions on servicing your Toro TimeCutter lawn mower.

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