How to Edge a Lawn Like a Pro

Man uses a handheld electric edger for edging the lawn along a stone path

Buying a home is a dream come true for most people. Most first-time homeowners plan on keeping their new place as clean and tidy as possible —  like matching paint colors and buying nice furniture. For all the care and consideration that goes into making your home a well-loved and well-cared-for place, sometimes your lawn can fall behind.

Other than mowing, one of the simplest ways to keep your lawn looking neat and well cared for is lawn edging. Here are is some advice to help you start to edging your lawn.

What is Lawn Edging?

Simply put, edging a lawn is literally cutting your grass to make a line (or edge) between your lawn and other obstacles. It is often done to keep your outdoor space looking tidy while keeping your mower blade from getting too dull or kicking up debris.

Oftentimes, the edge is created in a tighter space than a riding or push mower can reach, whether it’s too close to a sidewalk, a gravel driveway, or some other obstacle. To deal with this, there are specialized tools that will make lawn edging much less time-consuming.

Tools for Lawn Edging

When thinking of how to best edge your lawn, two tools should come to mind — a string trimmer and a lawn edger. While there are both pros and cons to both of these methods, lawn maintenance experts recommend having at least one for the best lawn edging results.

String Trimmers

Also known as a Weedwacker (a trademarked name of a specific brand of string trimmer), a string trimmer uses a plastic string or metal blade that spins quickly at the end, chopping any flora it comes up against.

String trimmers are available in many different options to best suit you and your lawn’s needs. This tool is a versatile option for yards with lots of tight nooks and crannies. String trimmers are the ultimate tool for curves, landscape markers and topography. Additionally, many string trimmers (like this Attachment Capable Trimmer) come with different attachments to tackle more specific yard care tasks.

Lawn Edgers

As the name suggests, lawn edgers are tools specifically for lawn edging. They are similar to traditional mowers in that they roll against the edging and cut grass down using a metal blade. Some find them to be a bit more user-friendly. Tools, like this brushless stick model, are often equipped with controls and height adjustment features. Our lawn care experts suggest lawn edgers as the perfect tool for garden paths or smaller patios.

Lawn Edging Ideas

Some homeowners don’t want to hassle with buying tools or trimming their grass, but still want a clean looking outdoor space. And that’s okay! There are plenty of lawn edging ideas to keep grass out of sight and out of mind.

  • Pavers not only give your entire landscape a clean and customizable look but make lawn edging much easier. Simply create your boundary, plant your pavers and you’re done!
  • Hedges also make great borders. They not only keep the grass at bay, and if properly maintained, they require very little cutting or large amounts of pruning. Hedges can also be created from flowering shrubbery. This can give your landscape a beautiful and seasonal look and feel.
  • Chemical treatments such as weed killers sprayed in carefully controlled areas can also assist in lawn edging. Our yard care experts recommend this as an occasional safeguard, not a permanent option. With long-term use, it can damage your lawn.

Are You Ready to Edge Your Lawn?

Taking pride in your lawn doesn’t have to be an expensive or laborious production. Lawn edging is a simple way to give your lawn that neat and tidy look that most homeowners strive for. Know that our yard care experts want to help you in any way we can. Check out our other lawn care tools and guides to help you create the best-looking lawn on the block!

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