How Often Should I Upgrade My Irrigation System Controller?

Toro Evolution irrigation system

How often do you upgrade your personal technology?

For many of us, upgrading our phones, computers, even our cars is something we do every few years. Updating home technology likely doesn’t happen as often. But, keeping current can save you time and money.

So, when was the last time you upgraded your irrigation system controller?

If the answer is longer than a few years, now is the time. Putting technology to work in your yard takes the guesswork out of watering. Next generation irrigation system controllers make it easier than ever to save water, time and money. “Smart” controllers, such as Toro’s Evolution Series, feature more user-friendly programming functions. Just like your phone, icon buttons provide easy-to-understand shortcuts to the functions you really need. They take you through the scheduling process, delivering precise watering without having to constantly refer back to your owner’s manual. The result is more efficient watering with less frustration.

The Evolution Series controller’s advanced features truly take home irrigation to the next level. Create wireless communication between your controller and high-tech tools such as a handheld remote, weather sensors, soil sensors and more.

Learn more about the Evolution Series and ways to Evolve your landscape.

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