Electric Yard Tools: Are They Worth It?

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First impressions are important. Sadly, when electric yard tools were introduced to the home maintenance market, they often failed to meet expectations. A decade ago, many electric tools had to be plugged into an outlet with an awkward extension cord and even then they had an alarming lack of power.

That lower-powered, inconvenient impression is no longer accurate. Rechargeable battery-operated tools offer a low-maintenance, quiet alternative to all of your essential yard maintenance tools. Read ahead for more information on the different battery-powered yard tools out there and what you should know before making the switch.

Best Electric Yard Tools

Most homeowners can do all of their regular maintenance with battery-powered lawn equipment. Here are a few examples of reliable, everyday tools that don’t require you to fill up the tank

  • Lawn Mowers: Many people who have switched to electric lawn mowers praise the ease of use and the lack of maintenance needed. Toro’s Stripe Mower has over an hour of run time and is lighter-weight than a comparable gas-powered mower.
  • String Trimmers: Electric weed trimmers are powerful and easy to handle. The battery-life time on Toro’s Brushless String Trimmer depends on the level of power you choose when utilizing the variable speed trigger.
  • Leaf Blowers: Fall is a peaceful time. Keep leaf clean-up quiet with electric leaf blowers. Take note, most leaf blowers have a variety of power levels. If you’re clearing flat surfaces like sidewalks, use the lower settings and your battery will last longer. Those who are looking for efficient fall clean-up should consider a vacuum/blower combo such as Toro’s Ultra Blower Vac. These can suck up leaves and mulch them into an attached bag.

Best Battery-Powered Garden Tools

If you have a large garden that needs regular care, electric garden tools can make keeping your plants under control easier. Here are a few electric tools to consider for your garden care.

  • Hedge Trimmer: Look for a hedge trimmer with a rotating handle to make the transition from trimming the tops of bushes to the side of bushes easier.
  • Chainsaw: Electric chainsaws are perfectly suited to handle smaller jobs. An electric chainsaw is great for gardeners cutting back saplings or trimming trees.

What To Consider When Purchasing Electric Yard Tools

If you’re making the switch from gas-powered lawn tools to electric, there’s a lot to consider. We’ll briefly go over the most important elements however, if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide for your decision-making process check out our Choosing the Right Electric & Battery Powered Lawn Tools article.

  • The difference between brushed and brushless motors: Brushless is the more popular option in modern electric yard tools as they’re lower maintenance.
  • Amp hours: This is how long your battery will last. This may vary depending on what setting your tool is set to and the job you’re doing.
  • Balance CFM and MPH on leaf blowers and snow blowers for optimum functionality.

Electric Yard Tools FAQ

Are gas-powered tools stronger than electric?

While gas-powered tools have long been the more trusted option, the power provided by battery-powered tools at this time is typically more than enough to blast through the yard work required for a typical residential property. Often, homeowners who switch to electric note that the quiet motor and the lack of smell and mess make the power exchange worth it.

However, gas-powered mowers may still be the best choice for some, like landscapers who are dealing with large swaths of land or multiple jobs a day, and homeowners who let their grass grow tall on a regular basis.

Do electric mowers need maintenance?

Electric mowers don’t require oil changes and fuel filter changes, making them low maintenance. However, you’ll still want to maintain the sharpness of your mower blades to get a high-quality cut on your lawn. Read Our Complete Guide to Lawn Mower Blade Sharpness for instructions on how to sharpen or change your Toro mower blades yourself.

Can you leave electric yard tools outside over winter?

While it’s all right to leave your electric lawn tools in an unheated storage shed or garage for the winter, bringing the batteries indoors for the cold season will extend their lifespan.

Beyond Electric Yard Tools: What Toro YardCare Can Do For You

If you’ve read this article, then you know that Toro YardCare has plenty of articles on battery-powered lawn equipment. However, we want you to know that if you’ve moved past investing in your equipment and you’re taking on any landscaping project on your property, you can still turn to us.

Our blogs cover everything from planting ornamental grasses to replacing turf. If you’re looking to make your side of the fence a little greener, you can always count on Toro YardCare.

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