Benefits of a Beautiful Lawn

Sprinkler in the center of a yard watering lush green grass with a brick house in the background with yellow flowers and bushes

A lush lawn can add so much curb appeal and value to your home. There is nothing quite like the look of a beautiful front yard or the feel of walking and relaxing on a healthy lawn. But, did you know turf grass provides so much more than visual appeal? Here’s a look at a few important roles lawns play in your environment.

Improving Air Quality

Grass, like many plants, create oxygen. Experts estimate that 25 square feet of lawn can produce enough oxygen to supply an adult for a full day. Lawns can also reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and trap dust and other airborne particles that contribute to poor air quality.

Erosion Control

Grass is a great erosion control option for hilly or sloped areas. The strong root systems of turf grass help stabilize soil, which can prevent erosion. While the grass blades can help disperse water across a wider area, helping to increase absorption and limiting runoff. “Most turf professionals recommend a grass seed mix, or sod that has different grass types included,” says Alexis Deasy, senior marketing communications manager at Toro. “Check to make sure you’re choosing the best type of grass for your area.”

Cooler Temperatures

Lawns can keep things cool around your home and in other areas of our communities. A process called evapotranspiration makes it happen. “As water evaporates from plants it creates cooler air temperatures,” says Deasy. “Turf grass plays an important role in this process.”

Lawns are also much cooler than hardscape areas such as asphalt or concrete surfaces. “Grassy areas can be especially important in urban areas,” adds Deasy. “They can help keep temperatures cool and act as a sound buffer for traffic and other city noises. Plus, they can offer a comfortable area for community events.”

Feel Better

One of the best benefits of lawns is how they make us feel. Research has shown that green spaces can reduce stress and contribute to feelings of happiness. Studies site improvements in overall health, focus and sleep.

Even the process of caring for your lawn is thought to be beneficial. Experts say there is a meditative aspect to yard work that can lower stress levels. Mowing can be a mood-boosting exercise that improves your outlook and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Yard trends may come and go, but a beautiful lawn always provides benefits to the environment and our homes.

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