Lawn diseases, fungi
fighting lawn diseases

Summer Lawn Diseases

Read more »Brown patch
This disease is prevalent during moist, hot weather on over-fertilized lawns.  Brown patch, also known as rhizoctonia blight, is most active when grass remains wet and t

Lawn issues might be a dog rather than disease
fighting lawn diseases

Is It Really Lawn Disease?

The best time to assess your turf’s state of health is before mowing. As you pick up fallen twigs or remove other items from the lawn, you should take a careful look at any areas that appear wilt… Read more »

fighting lawn diseases

Identifying Diseases

Many diseases will leave bleached-out, dead turf.  When this occurs you not only lose the grass, but you also lose the opportunity to determine what caused the problem.  Diseases are progr… Read more »

Spring through fall lawn diseases
fighting lawn diseases

Spring-Through-Fall Lawn Diseases

Fairy Rings
Caused by more than 50 varieties of fungus… Read more », the rings vary in size and appearance but all form in damp conditions in soil that is high in woody organic matter, which is usually from bu

Fall through spring lawn diseases
fighting lawn diseases

Fall-Through-Spring Lawn Diseases

Read more »Typhula blight (gray snow mold)
Strictly a cold-weather disease, typhula blight appears where snow cover has melted, especially in areas where snow has drifted or been piled.
Look for: Irre