What’s the Deal With Lawn Striping?

Lawnmower striping lawn

At the same time you mow, you can create everything from simple, professional stripes to an eye-catching piece of art.

Lawn striping, lawnscapes, yard art, whatever you call it, it’s beautiful.  Sports venues have been adding stripes, waves, and checkerboards to their fields for years.  Now homeowners can add a professional look to their yards, too!

You might think it takes hours of work, but you can create simple patterns while you mow.  The weight of the sand in the roller bends the grass in different directions to create light or dark stripes.

To start, consider your lawn space and plan your pattern.  If you want to create stripes, first cut around the perimeter of your yard, then starting at one end, mow all the way across.  This will create the first stripe.  Turn around and head in the other direction, using your first stripe as a guide, to mow the next stripe… and so on.  Once you’ve mastered stripes you can move on to waves, circles, and more.

Check out these videos on YouTube.com/Toro, Lawn Striper Intro and Lawn Striping “How To” to see how easy it is.
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