Toro TimeCutter Keeps on Mowin’

Man in blue shirt sitting on Toro riding mower

Harold shares his “My Toro Story” of longevity.

One of the nicest surprises in life is when you purchase a product you got a great deal on, hoping it lasts you for a year or two, and it ends up lasting much longer. This is what Harold Ford has experienced with his Toro® TimeCutter® zero turn mower. Harold has a big yard plus a seven-acre field on his property, and he was looking for a commercial lawnmower to help improve the efficiency of cutting his lawn. Many of the commercial mowers he looked at came with a significant price tag; however, he thought the Toro TimeCutters were priced right. Harold decided to give one a try and see how it did for a year.

That was 12 years ago, and his TimeCutter has not let him down. He says it has met and exceeded all his expectations for keeping his lawn in order. In addition to his lawn, Harold has used the TimeCutter to tackle his seven-acre field, and it has performed flawlessly. With Harold’s previous lawnmowers lasting only about two years, the TimeCutter has been a valuable investment. When Harold thinks of his Toro, he thinks durability and also that “TimeCutter” is a perfect description for the machine.

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