Toro Starts on the First Time…Every Time

Man filling Toro gas tank in his driveway

David shares his “My Toro Story” of reliability.

“Every spring, I wonder if this will be the year my Toro doesn’t start on the first pull.” For ten years in a row, David Payne’s Toro hasn’t let him down. The feeling of starting spring projects and maintenance on your lawn can be one of excitement and maybe a little anxiousness as you dust off the equipment and get it ready to roll for a new season. Questions of “Will my mower work?” and “Did I winterize it?” rush through your head. For ten years, these questions have been answered quite simply for David. His Toro works.

David, of New Albany, Ohio, would be the first to say he isn’t a “Mr. Fix It” type of guy, and with his Toro mower, he doesn’t have to be; that is all right by him. Each time he has counted on his mower for the past ten years, he says it has always started on the first pull, which is welcomed after he spent money on other lawn mowers that never delivered the same reliability.

“I don’t know when I will need another mower, but when I do, it will be a Toro,” reveals David. “My Toro never fails to impress me.”

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