Toro Mower Still Going Strong…After 40 Years

Man with his hands raised above his head, cheering, with Toro lawnmower

by Joseph Ferrelli III
Winston-Salem, NC

My name is Joseph Ferrelli, III, and I live in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Today, March 24, 2011, I started the lawn mowing season with the only lawn mower I have ever owned or used.

In 1971, my father bought a Toro 21-inch Whirlwind mower for me to cut the grass. I was 10 years old and we were living in Greenville, South Carolina. My father always believed in buying quality products and believed Toro was a quality product so he bought it.

Well, he was right, I have cut the grass at his house or my house every year since. This lawn mower has never failed to work. I have taken care of it myself. I have never had any major repair work done to it. I have sharpened the blade, changed the oil and air filter regularly, changed the spark plug when needed and the muffler about five times. That’s it! The plastic cover for the mower broke about ten years ago, I never replaced it. The tires are even original.

Even after storing it in the garage all winter, when I take it out for the first cutting in spring it never takes more than three pulls to start. The pull cord is original and doesn’t show any wear. This mower is remarkable!

I’m 50 years old now, and the Toro is still going strong. My wife and son cannot believe it.

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