Toro Helps Clean Up a Community

Group of 12 men posing for a photo in front of the Minot city sign each with the same model of lawnmower.

Rod Romine
Minot, ND

Ten years ago there were “Welcome to Minot” signs erected on the five US highways entering Minot. No one assumed the duty of tending to the landscaping around the signs. They soon became overgrown with weeds and grass.

We have a morning coffee group of about 15 regulars that meet every weekday for coffee and conversation. One of our members suggested we take the responsibility of tending to the landscaping around these signs as a permanent project. We have been doing so ever since.

We started with hand-me-down mowers and a few that were resurrected from the garbage to get them running again. Recently, businessmen donated money for us to buy nine new mowers and we chose the Toro self-propelled (self-propelled is good because the average age of our group is 77 years old). We do the mowing, weed control and litter pick up every two weeks or so, and are proud of the appearance of the beautiful signs. We are involved in many different community activities, but this is by far our favorite project.

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