Toro: A Golfer’s Delight

Old model of Toro push mower with orange blades

Joe Gladke
Shoreview, MN

How old is my mower? That is a good question. It certainly appears to be older than the one shown in your 1923 photo. Since I don’t have a golf green, I currently don’t use my golf greens mower. Although, if I ever get the urge to have my own putting green, the mower still works great! I think this speaks to the quality of products Toro has made since the very beginning.

My Toro is used strictly for personal enjoyment. As an avid collector of Minnesota golf memorabilia, I am proud to have this mower in my collection. I don’t collect mowers, but when I saw this Toro (given its age and deep Minnesota roots), I just had to have it! I am amazed it has survived all these years.

My favorite feature is the extensive engineering that went into this non-motorized mower some 90+ years ago. It is amazing how fast that reel spins when you get those gears moving! I wish I could know the golf course(s) that this mower was used on.

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