The Wedding Gift that Keeps Giving

Man posing with Toro lawnmower as he mows his front lawn

Not all wedding gifts are built to stand the test of time. But then again, not all wedding gifts come in the form of a Toro lawn mower!

When Michael and his wife were married in May of 1991, they were surprised with an unexpected wedding gift from his wife’s father and brother: their first Toro lawn mower! Twenty-six years later, his first and only Toro mower is still going strong. Mowing his Wisconsin lawn, routinely, it still starts on the first or second pull.

Throughout the years, Michael has kept his Toro in top-shape. “I think that maintenance is key to any product’s longevity,” Michael explains. Practicing what he preaches, Michael continues to perform routine maintenance while repairing his 26-year-old mower when necessary. “I have never thought about buying a new mower because I have been very satisfied with the one I have.”

Since 1991, his trusty mower has been joined by a well-seasoned Toro snow blower. The new-to-him snow blower was used by his father for over 10 years prior to Michael matching those years with 10 years of his own. “In these times of planned obsolescence,” Michael explains, “it is refreshing to have a product that holds up so well and was built to last.”

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