Types of Lawn Aerators: Core, Spike, Liquid and More

Aerating your lawn is vital in maintaining healthy, vibrant grass. By loosening the soil, you allow for a better flow of nutrients, water and oxygen to the roots, as well as more space for the roots to spread. Proper aeration will even reduce the spread of weeds. Finding the best aeration method for your yard Read more…

When is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn?

Aeration can help your lawn be healthier and more beautiful. Read more to learn when it’s the best time to aerate your lawn and what to do after aeration.

How to Kill Dandelions Naturally

Killing dandelions naturally can be hard. A lot of people instead opt for powerful weed killers, destroying dandelions before they can seed. While this may seem like a good practice, it’s important to think about the bigger picture – preventing dandelions from invading your lawn in the first place. In order to get rid of Read more…

Improving the Health of Your Lawn

Let’s face it: when you live in the suburbs, a healthy, well-kept lawn is a must.  Before anyone even steps into your house, it’s your front lawn that makes the first impression of your home.  So what’s something that can help keep your lawn healthy?  Many people seem to forget about aeration.   What is Aeration? Read more…

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