Choose the Right Warm-Season Grass

St. Augustinegrass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) Easily grown from sod, plugs, or sprigs, St. Augustinegrass produces a dense blue-green turf that has good shade and salt tolerance.  It is highly popular in coastal areas from Florida to California. Drawbacks:  Thick thatch if heavily fertilized and watered.  Vulnerable to chinch bugs and grubs. Recommendations: For USDA Hardiness Zones Read more…

Find the Right Grass Seed Using Grass Zone Maps & Lawn Zones

If you’re unclear about what type of grass seed you need, don’t make any decisions on impulse! Finding your area’s lawn zone can be the difference between having low-maintenance grass or having a lawn that’s susceptible to pests, weeds, diseases, and poor health in general. So, before finding your seed, it’s best to consider several Read more…

What is Soil Amendment for Lawns

Adding a soil amendment, also called a soil conditioner, helps improve lawn—and other plants—growth and health. The type of amendments that need to be added depend on the current soil composition, the climate and the type of grass. Some of the various amendments include: Lime (makes soil less acidic) Fertilizers for plant nutrients (i.e. manure, Read more…

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