She Said ‘Yes’ to a TimeCutter Mower Ring

Side by side photo, on the left is a close up of a woman's lefthand with a Toro keyring on her ring finger and on the right the women standing next to a man both dressed in formal clothing posing for a photo

Mark Buss from Marshall, Minnesota, knew his fiancé Chris was the one. The only question was how to ask her. “Chris is a practical woman and did not care to wear an engagement ring, so I had to come up with another option,” reveals Mark.

Well, he didn’t have to look too hard for a substitution.

While they were remodeling Mark’s home to make it “their” home, Chris was peeling off wallpaper and not very happy about the task! Mark asked Chris to come to the garage to show her something. “At that time, I slipped the Toro key ring on her ring finger and asked her to marry me,” said Mark. She got a big smile on her face, grabbed the key and started to mow the backyard. When she was done mowing, Mark said, “You did not answer my question, will you marry me?” Chris said, “Really?…YES!” She could hardly say no with a new Toro® TimeCutter® lawn mower!

The Love of Toro

Mark and Chris both love Toro equipment because of its dependability. And the fact that it is manufactured right here in Minnesota! In fact, together, they own quite a few Toro machines. Mark owns a Toro Recycler® with Personal Pace® to mow his cabin, and Chris owns a similar model at home. Mark even bought his son and daughter-in-law a Recycler with Personal Pace as a house-warming present. He bought another for his mother so she could have a dependable-starting mower for her home. They both own Toro snow blowers, as well! According to Mark, “My next purchase will be a Toro gas leaf blower/vacuum—then I will be well-equipped with Toro products!”

While that TimeCutter mower ring holds a special place in Mark and Chris’ hearts, they do have wedding rings. No, they don’t have the Toro logo on them! Mark’s Aunt Eleanor was engaged to a fighter pilot in WWII, but he was shot down one week before they were to be married. “My aunt was never married, and when she passed away in 1994, I got her solid gold wedding bands she never used,” explains Mark. When Chris announced to her family that she and Mark will be getting married and using Aunt Eleanor’s wedding bands, she said, “They have a sad history but we will give the rings a happy future!”

Congratulations to Mark and Chris on their engagement. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness with each other and their Toros!

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