Ring Toss

Close up of ring toss game in a yard full of weeds

Ring toss is a fun summer recreational activity. It is simple to play and can provide a family with hours of fun.  The Basics: Toss the ring onto the peg—sounds easy, but it is not.

  1. Each player is given 5 plastic rings to use during gameplay.
  2. The player may toss or flip the rings one at a time onto the pegs.
  3. A ring that lands completely around a peg, scores a point.
  4. Rings caught on the top of the peg do not count.
  5. Decrease or increase the number of rings per game to adjust the difficulty.

For information on how to make a Ring Toss Game, click here: http://www.uniqueprojects.com/projects/ringtoss/ringtoss.htm

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