My Toro is the Perfect Fit

Man kneeling in grass next to Toro Recycler lawnmower

There are times when you walk into the store, check out all your options, and then you see the one. The perfect fit. You just know. This was the feeling James Hughes had as he walked through The Home Depot looking for his next lawnmower. “I compared the Toro to other manufacturers, and the others just didn’t appear to be of the same quality,” he explains. He just had to take it home, put it together, and put it to work.

When James got home, he thought he would need to spend significant time with the mower’s instruction manual and figure out all the steps it was going to take to put it together. Much to James’ surprise, that wasn’t the case. “We brought the mower home, took it out of the box, and attached the handle. It was as simple as that,” he reveals. “When I took it out to the yard, it started on the first pull.” James was blown away that it started on the first pull right out of the box—and even better—it still starts on the first pull every time.

When James goes out to mow the lawn, that is exactly what he wants to do. He doesn’t want to prime the mower, check the spark plug and fiddle around with getting his lawn mower prepped. He wants to mow the lawn with a mower that will leave his lawn looking great. “I have been so impressed with my Toro lawn mower,” he adds. “Toro will always be my brand of choice to check out first when looking for any new equipment.”

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