My Toro is My First Choice…Even With a Missing Wheel!

Man posing with a Toro lawnmower that is missing a wheel

Jeff M. shares his “My Toro Story”.

How often do you find a piece of outdoor power equipment that is so reliable and that you enjoy using so much that you continue to do so even with a missing wheel? That is exactly what Jeff M., of Butte, MT, experienced with his Toro lawn mower. Jeff bought his mower back in 1986, when he was 19 years old, and admittedly did not know anything about lawn equipment other than the Toro name.

“I think that Toro means quality, dependability, and reliability all wrapped into one. The simple fact that the mower has lasted this long with no problems speaks to these traits,” explains Jeff. He maintains these feelings even after losing a front mower wheel sometime over the past 30 years. Once Jeff got used to balancing the mower without the fourth wheel; he still raves about how well the mower handles and cuts the grass!!

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