Mowing Safety Tips

Man standing in front of his lawnmower, leaning over to clear brush out of the mowers path

For safe mowing, follow these tips!

Before You Mow

  • Read and understand your operator’s manual before operating the mower.
  • For gasoline units, add fuel to the tank outdoors before starting the machine. Do not add gasoline to a running or hot engine and never leave the machine running in an enclosed area.
  • As with other power tools and equipment, do not operate a lawn mower when consuming alcohol.
  • Wear appropriate clothing – significant footwear, long pants, eye, and hearing protection.
  • Pick up stones, toys, and debris from the lawn to prevent injuries and damage from flying objects.

While You Mow

  • Never allow children to be passengers on ride-on mowers.
  • Keep children and pets a safe distance from the area you are mowing. Use extreme care near blind corners and around objects that may block you from seeing a child.
  • Do not operate without the grass catcher, discharge chute, or other safety devices in place and working.
  • Be careful when mowing slopes.
  • Do not mow in wet conditions.
  • Never mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary – carefully look for others behind you when you do.
  • Turn off the mower and wait for the blade(s) to stop completely before leaving the mower, removing the grass catcher, picking up debris, or crossing gravel roads or paths.

After You Mow

  • Let the mower cool before refueling, cleaning and storing.
  • Follow all directions – including turning off the engine and disconnecting the spark plug or electric cord – before working on the mower or trying to unclog the discharge chute.
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