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Are you ready to start working on your grass? Whether you’re laying down new sod, overseeding, or treating your lawn, you’ve likely had to ask yourself, “How big is my yard?” Even if your project involves just a portion of your yard, you’ll still need to calculate the square footage you’re working with. Under certain circumstances — like when shopping for a new lawn mower —  it can also be helpful to know the acreage of your property. 

Taking these measurements doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with modern technology, you may be able to calculate your lawn size without stepping foot outside. Let’s explore some of the best methods of measuring your lawn.


Measure My Lawn

Measure My Lawn is a virtual tool that helps you determine your lawn size, calculating square footage, acreage, or even measuring your property by square inches, yards, or miles. Simply enter your address and create a measurement based on the satellite image of your yard. It’s easy to trace your property lines, or to zoom in and cover more precise or complex dimensions. Start estimating your lawn size now using Measure My Lawn.


Property Line or Plat Maps

When you purchased your home, you may have received a property line map, sometimes called a plat or parcel map. This gives you a visual representation of your property lines, the actual dimensions of your yard, and sometimes even the acreage of the property. If you have this on hand, it could be a fast and easy way to determine how big your yard is.

If you don’t have a property line map, you may be able to get one from your city’s zoning department — although some municipalities may instead recommend that you get your property surveyed privately.


A Measuring Wheel

If you’re wondering how to estimate the size of your lawn yourself — without using computers — a measuring wheel is your best bet. Measuring wheels are relatively inexpensive, and make for a handy tool that you’ll probably use more than you realize. They’re capable of giving precise measurements, especially for smaller, curved or irregular dimensions.

However, unless your yard is perfectly square or rectangular, using these measurements to calculate the square footage of your yard can be tricky. If your property lines are irregular, try using your measuring wheel to break your lawn down into smaller sized, easy-to-calculate shapes — adding the sums together when you’re done to estimate your lawn size.


When it comes to finding out how big your yard is, there are plenty of options. Perhaps the easiest method is Measure My Lawn, but using a property line map or measuring wheel to calculate your yard’s square footage can work just as well. Once you’re able to calculate your lawn size, you’ll know the quantity of sod, seed, or lawn care products that you need. With this knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, fuller lawn.

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