How to Choose the Best Snow Blower

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Are you looking for a snow blower but not quite sure what you need? Don’t worry we’ve got some tips that will help you make the right choice. Your journey to finding the perfect snow blower for you and your driveway starts with asking the right questions.

  • How large is the area you need to clear?
  • What type of surface do you need to clear?
  • What is the right snow blower stage for me – single-stage, two-stage or a crossover model that combines aspects of both?
  • What kind of slope does your driveway have?
  • Do you need an electric start?

In this Snow Blower Buyer’s Guide, we’ll compare the advantages, snow clearing abilities, driveway surface type and driveway slope capabilities of single-stage, two-stage, and crossover snow blowers so you can find the best snow blower for your needs. 

The Best Snow Blower for Heavy, Wet Snow

When it comes to taking on the heavy wet snow that often falls in the early winter and spring, it’s important to get a snow blower that can handle the job. Toro’s single-stage snow blowers are a great pick for wet, slushy snow because of the scooping action of their curved paddles.

Advantages Why is a single-stage snow blower the best snow blower for wet heavy snow? It’s all about the high-speed rotor that gathers and throws the snow in one efficient motion. Toro’s Power Curve technology allows the rotor to help propel the unit forward, making it more maneuverable when the weather is dicey.

Here are a few other features you might take into account when considering a single-stage snow blower:

  • Snow Clearing Ability: A single-stage blower can handle a large driveway or a small parking lot for around ten cars. These units can typically clear up to 9 inches of snow at a time.
  • Driveway Surface Type: Single-stage machines are great for most paved driveways and sidewalks. These snow blowers clear down to the pavement, eliminating the need to go back and shovel or sweep to finish the job. Because they clean down to the pavement, they should not be used on unpaved surfaces.
  • Driveway Slope: Consider a single-stage snow blower if your driveway is flat or moderately sloped. 

If you need a snow blower to take on heavy spring blizzards and plenty of pavement, the single-stage blower is a great choice. However: do you have a gravel driveway? Need to clear a steep slope every time it snows? It may not be the best in those situations.

Best Snow Blower for Deep Snow

If you live in an area that gets a ton of snow each year, a two-stage snow blower can be the way to go. Since a two-stage snow blower is typically bigger and more powerful it’s a good choice when it comes to deep snow. A Toro two-stage machine starts by gathering the snow with a heavy-duty, steel auger. Then a high-speed impeller takes over, launching the snow from the chute, throwing it out of your way.

Total speed control helps these larger machines cut through deep snow. A typical Toro two-speed snow blower features six speeds forward and two speeds in reverse. Toro two-speeds also minimize clogging and route heavy snow away from the chute and back into the auger with Toro’s patented Anti-Clogging System. However, there are a few more factors to consider when deciding what snow blower to purchase:

  • Snow Clearing Ability: Two-stage snow blowers are perfect for large driveways. These machines are a good fit for tackling “lake effect” snow, snowfalls of 12 inches or more, big snow drifts, and hard compacted snow.
  • Driveway Surface Type: For those of you wondering, “Can you snow blow a gravel driveway?” It’s possible with a two-stage blower. Two-stage snow blowers can be used on driveways made of concrete, asphalt, or gravel.
  • Driveway Slope: These snow blowers are designed to handle steep slopes.

Because two-stage snow blowers work well on a variety of surfaces and on steep slopes, they might be a great choice for those who live in the country or in areas that are harder to maneuver. If you’re looking at an extra large area that needs to be cleared during the winter and wondering “What size snow blower do I need?”, you might want to consider Toro’s commercial-grade two-stage snow blowers. 

What’s a Toro Snow Master Snow Blower?

Looking for a snow blower that’s easy enough for anyone to handle yet still powers through tough end-of-driveway snow? Crossover-type snow blowers like the SnowMaster combine the best of both snow-blasting worlds. These snow blowers handle deep snow like a two-stage blower but maneuver easily like a single-stage blower.

  • Snow Clearing Ability: These snow blowers are ideal for 4 to 10-car driveways and can handle up to 18 inches of snow.
  • Driveway Surface: Crossovers, like the SnowMaster, are ideal for concrete and asphalt surfaces.
  • Driveway Slope: These snow blowers are best for handling moderately sloped driveways.

Toro crossovers remove snow faster and are one of the best snow blowers on the market, offering unique features that get you back in the house sooner. 

If these Crossover Snow Blower features sound like the right fit for your needs, then we recommend the Toro SnowMaster

Small Electric Snow Blowers Can Pack Plenty of Power

For small areas such as decks, steps, patios and small sidewalks where a larger snow blower won’t reach, you might consider an electric snow blower like Toro’s Power Shovel or Power Curve. Both are easy to use and virtually maintenance free so you’re ready to take on whatever Mother Nature dishes out. 

Still Unsure Which Toro Snow Blower Is the Right Fit?

Toro makes a lot of different snow blowers and each one is designed for different conditions. If you’re still unsure which Toro snow blower is the right fit for you, visit our site to learn more, compare, contrast and find the answer to winning at winter.

Remember that Toro has much more information beyond snow blowers. Whether you’re looking for a leaf blower that’ll work for your landscaping needs in the fall or you’re wondering how to returf your lawn in the summer, Toro YardCare is here for you in every season.

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