Equipment You Can Count On

Red Toro riding mower in front of a black Chevy truck

Chris Macy
Lafayette, IN

Where do I begin? As a kid, I would go to my grandpa’s farm to watch my dad on weekends mow the lawn. Rarely would he buy anything new, but his Toro Wheel Horses would be the exception. If it wasn’t a Toro Wheel Horse, he would say, “You might as well leave it in the barn.” The first garden tractor he owned was a 14hp Wheel Horse with a 42″ deck. He traded it in a few years later and upped the horsepower to 16hp. The Toro Wheel Horse was a 416-H and man was it a workhorse!

The dealership was always great to him and he said that if this is the way they treat every customer, then I’m sold for life. A few years passed by and then it was my chance to step up and ride the Toro Wheel Horse. My dad taught me the controls and what to do, and a few minutes later, I was mowing lawn with the biggest smile on my face. This was the moment when I realized that this Toro was something I would want to have the rest of my life.

To this day, my dad still has it and it shows only minor blemishes from years and acres of mowing. It is that piece of my grandfather that I can go to and remember the great times at his house. Throughout the years, my family has continued to purchase Toro products. They bought a Recycler push mower, which starts every time on the second pull, even after 20 years of work. They also purchased a Toro Proline 120, and after almost 20 years of service, they just traded it for a Toro Timecutter MX5060.

As for me, not only did I grow up running Toro equipment with my family, but I also ran Toro equipment for my summer job cutting local city parks. I loved the products and the quality that they had behind them. The city would often purchase us some other products, but I always preferred Toro machines because the competition could never match what Toro put into their products. Thank you for making such great products and for equipment I can always “count on.”

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