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Top five reasons lighting can make your life better

Creating an outdoor space that is beautiful, functional, and relaxing is on many homeowners’ must-do lists. Adding outdoor lighting can create opportunities for more enjoyment – from designing a welcoming front door to extending the hours you can spend on your patio. Here is a look at the top five ways professionally installed outdoor lighting can make life at your home even better.

1. Increasing curb appeal

Your beautiful home and landscape should shine at night as well as during the day. Outdoor lighting can increase your evening curb appeal in a way that adds drama and functionality. “Professionally installed outdoor lighting brings a new sense of design to your home,” says Alexis Deasy, marketing communications manager for Unique Lighting Systems “Advancements in quality lighting fixtures are making it even easier bring a custom look to your yard, increasing curb appeal and adding real value to your home.”

2. Extend the use of outdoor space

With many of us heading back into the office, our quality time at home may start later in the day. Lighting outdoor spaces can allow you to spend more time relaxing on the porch or patio after dark, brighten up outdoor dining areas for al fresco meals, or create mood lighting around the fire pit. “Working with a landscape designer or contractor with outdoor lighting experience can help you maximize your time outdoors,” adds Deasy. “These experts can offer tips for creating just the right mood and showcasing your personal style, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space more.”

3. Adding to home value

Improving your outdoor lighting not only adds to the curb appeal of your home, experts say it can also add to your home’s value. A warm and welcoming look can make potential buyers feel more at home, giving them a stronger sense of ownership and connection to your property. Experts estimate that outdoor lighting increases the value of your home anywhere between 15-20%.

4. Added safety and security

Well-lit walkways, stairs and outdoor living areas make moving around your property at night easier and safer, reducing potentials for falls. Bright entry ways, front doors and parking areas are proven crime deterrents. Outdoor lighting can significantly lower crime incidents, too. Recent studies show that well-lit areas can reduce theft and other criminal activity by nearly 40%.

5. Highlighting your landscape

Lighting is one of the best ways to highlight your landscape. Do you have a special architectural feature, stunning tree or unique garden design? These areas of your yard deserve to be showcased. Outdoor lighting can serve as a spotlight, drawing the eye and capturing attention. Even subtle features can look spectacular after dark offering a bit of drama in the landscape.

Need more ideas for updating your outdoor living areas? Working with a professional lighting installer can be the best way to find a solutions to your lighting needs.

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