Cutting Grass and Bagging Memories Since 1986

man standing on the side of his toro sit in lawn mower

In 2001, Randy of Loves Park, Illinois, was lucky enough to get his hands on his dad’s 1986 Toro lawn tractor when his dad chose to upgrade to a new machine. “It’s an older one,” Randy acknowledges. “It still has the original bagger with the easy dump; I just thought that was the neatest thing!” Regardless of its age, he was ready for an upgrade himself! “I had an old push mower. It kept breaking down,” Randy recalls. “It wasn’t Toro, I’ll tell you that!”

When Randy lucked into the tractor 16 years ago, he could not have imagined that it would still be running today – without ever needing any motor work. But as he looks back, the mower’s performance is likely due to the diligent care he and his father took in their machine’s maintenance. His recommendations are simple: perform regular maintenance and have it serviced yearly. As he says, “If you take care of your mower, it will take care of you.”

But Randy hasn’t simply been caring for a lawn tractor all these years; he’s been caring for the family memories that the tractor has collected along the way. “You’ve got a quality product with good memories,” Randy explains. “My father’s getting older; he’s going to be 80,” he adds. “We cherish every day.”

Randy reveals that each time his father visits, his father is shocked that the tractor is still in working order. Randy, however, is not so shocked. “I’ve still got a few years left in it,” he says. “I believe in Toro; it’s a quality product.”

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