4 Tips to Using Blower Vacs and String Trimmers

Man holding up Toro Ultra Blower Vac

Toro corded blower/vacs and trimmers are great for keeping your yard looking its best. This video will help ensure you use the proper power cords and get the performance you expect.

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Video Transcript:

Portable power products like this Toro blower vac are super handy and I’ve got some tips to keep you safe and our portable friend here running at peak performance.

Tip #1:

To avoid a plug that could get burnt out or charred, tip number one is firmly seat the end of your extension cord into the plug and your equipment every time.

Sounds pretty simple, but if you make sure your extension cord is properly plugged into the tool you’re using you avoid the potential for all the bad stuff. I mentioned electricity likes a nice neat complete path on its way to the motor. If you don’t completely create that path you can damage your equipment and even put yourself in danger.

Speaking of electricity just a heads up that because of the powerful airflow of the blower vac, it can create a surplus of negative electrons that can occasionally result in you getting a familiar and innocent electric shock. It’s much like what you’d experience from a metal doorknob or car door. It’s totally normal and not a safety concern.

Tip #2:

Alright. Tip number two is keep an eye on the condition of your extension cord. If the receptacle is worn out, toss it. Is it cracked, frayed or showing exposed wires anywhere? Time for a new one.

Tip #3:

Tip number three. Always use the right cord. Light duty or improperly rated cords stress the electric motor in your portable device as it struggles to get enough power for one hundred foot cords.

Look for a minimum wire gauge of 14 and four 150 foot cords and a minimum 12 gauge rated extension cord. Never use an extension cord over 150 feet. Make sure the cord is rated 14 gauge or lower and for best performance, Toro does not recommend stringing together multiple cords.

Tip #4:

Alright final tip: Use the Cord-Lock Feature. Always secure your extension through the built-in cord lock feature. If your equipment has one it helps maintain a safe connection for the plug and receptacle.

Always firmly seat the plug and use a properly rated extension cord in good condition. Use the right cord and always use any built-in cord lock features.

Follow these 4 tips and your portable power tools from Toro will continue to make life easier than ever!

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