“29 year old Toro has been the best thing ever!!”

Man giving a thumbs up posing with his Toro CCR 2000 snowblower surrounded by snow

Ed from West Chester, PA shares his “My Toro Story”.

We bought this Toro snowblower in 1987.  It is hard to believe but after 29 seasons and regular routine maintenance, it is still a workhorse!  Very dependable and still does a great job!

Thought you should know that this blower still exists and functions since you don’t make this model anymore!

Thanks for making a great product!   As you can see we also like dependable cars–we have a Volvo!  Why can’t you make cars too???   That would be great.

Thanks for your help through all these many years in the NorthEast (expecting 24 to 30 inches by tomorrow).

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