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Turf Wars

Toro TimeCutter zero turn mower
By Doug Jimerson I received a phone call the other day from my youngest son, Graham, who currently lives in Los Angeles. He told me that he’d applied for a… Read more »
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Mowing Advice

By Doug Jimerson I grew up with circus people. Or more precisely, circus person. As a young man, my grandfather worked as an acrobat in a traveling circus.… Read more »
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What To Look For When Buying A Zero-Turn Mower

(ARA) – Ever wonder how those lawn-care guys… Read more »
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Toro General Mower Safety Tips

Read and understand your operator’s manual before operating the mower. For gasoline units, add fuel to the tank outdoors before starting the machine… Read more »
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Storing Your Mower

The mowing season is coming to an end, and winter is just around the corner! Once you’re done mowing for the year, replace any worn parts and properl… Read more »
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Zero-Turn Mower Safety Tips

Zero-Turn Mower Safety Tips
Like all lawn mowers, zero-turn mowers require care to prevent accidents when mowing around water, drop-offs, steep inclines and wet conditions.  Pr… Read more »
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Walk-Behind Mowers

Walk-Behind Mowers
Walk-behind mowers are the most popular of all yard machines.  Rotary-style gasoline-engines account for most of the market.  Today’s mower… Read more »
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Riding Mower Maintenance

Riding Mowers
Riding Mower Maintenance Regular maintenance is the most important step for achieving the best performance and longest life out of your riding mower.… Read more »
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Buying a Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mower

Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mower
The vast majority of self-propelled gasoline walk-behind mowers are rotary type, meaning they cut the grass with a horizontal blade attached to the ver… Read more »
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Mower Timesavers

Mower timesavers
It is easier to adjust the cutting blade height if you get the weight off the wheels by supporting one side of the mower at a time on a wood block. Cooking spra… Read more »
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When to Mow and How Much to Cut

North Best time of day to mow is the evening once the sun is lower in the sky.  Cut cool-season grasses when they reach heights of 3- to 3-½-inches—typi… Read more »
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