A time for growth and renewal. We’ve got expert advice and insight to prepare your lawn to spring forward.

How to Care for a New Lawn

New grass care is relatively simple. A…

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What to Wear for Pest & Weed Control

Whether you’re using insecticides and herbicides derived…

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Are Bugs Good For Your Lawn?

While some bugs might delight in chomping…

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Common Lawn Weeds

If you’re wondering what those plants are…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Planting a Lawn

There are four ways to plant grass:…

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6 Steps to Plant a New Lawn Successfully

Planting a new lawn is a big…

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How to Replace Your Old Lawn with New Grass

How to replace new grass with old…

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Find the Right Grass Seed Using Grass Zone Maps & Lawn Zones

If you’re unclear about what type of…

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How to Minimize Problems When Using Ethanol-Blended Gasoline

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently limits…

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When is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn?

No matter the grass, aeration is key to achieving a lush, healthy lawn. Find the best time to aerate your yard, and how often you should do it, based on your turf type.

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