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Picking up leaves

Abundant in moist, heavy soils, earthworms are a natural component of healthy lawns. Their diet of dirt, organic matter, and excrete plant litter in the… Read more »
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Eight Steps to Restoring a Lawn

How much pesticide do we use?
It takes work, but it is not impossible to give your lawn a facelift.¬† Follow these steps to help wake up a tired lawn: Step 1: Remove thatch and weed buildu… Read more »
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Step 4. Add Nutrients

Fertilizer Guidelines
Use a slow-release fertilizer, and avoid putting down more fertilizer than you need. ¬†Adding too much nitrogen can cause rapid growth and a thinning of… Read more »
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Ratios for Smarter Fertilizing

Figuring fertilizer ratios - measuring lawn
Fertilizer ratios and grades tell consumers how many pounds of nutrients are contained in 100 pounds of fertilizer and indicate the relative amounts of… Read more »
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