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Step 8. Take Care of Young Plants

Take Care of Young Plants

Your work to this point will be in vain if you do not care for the young grass plants as the seeds germinate and begin to grow.  The most critical need is to ap… Read more »

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Choosing the Right Grass

There are approximately 10,000 grass species in the world. Only about 50 can make a good lawn!]

Do not buy seed on impulse! Choosing the right grass for your lawn can make the difference between having a low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly… Read more »

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Cool-Season, Warm-Season, Transitional Zone or Native

Natural world

There is no breed of grass able to thrive on both a Vermont ski slope and a Florida orange grove.  For this reason grasses are divided into two main groups,… Read more »

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Basic Distinctions

Grass is grass is grass… or is it?

Different species of grasses have distinctive growth habits that will affect the appearance of turf. 
Bunchgrasses, such as ryegrasse… Read more »

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Work on the Down Low to Improve What’s on Top

What's Under Your Soil?

Read more »Horticulturists agree that time spent improving what is happening below the surface of a lawn greatly reduces the time needed to maintain what is on top o

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Setting the Right Mowing Height

Setting the Right Mowing Height

There are several reasons not to cut your grass too short.
Grass grows from the crown, not the blade tips, a trait that makes grass ideal for lawns.  Grass… Read more »

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Seed Storage

Seed Storage

Read more »While unused grass seed may remain viable for years, its rate of germination will decrease over time.  Be sure to keep seed stored in a cool, dry environm

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