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Fertilizer Basics

Fertilizer Basics
Grasses require at least 16 different essential elements in their diets, most of which are provided by the grass’s surrounding environment.  Howev… Read more »
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Fertilizer Guidelines

Fertilizer Guidelines
North and South The optimal time to apply fertilizers is when the grass roots and blades are actively growing.  Apply fast-release fertilizers at a rat… Read more »
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Step 3: Amend the Soil

Amend soil
This is your best opportunity to add amendments such as fertilizer, organic matter, and lime or sulfur.  Use a soil test to determine the best amend… Read more »
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Step 4. Add Nutrients

Fertilizer Guidelines
Use a slow-release fertilizer, and avoid putting down more fertilizer than you need.  Adding too much nitrogen can cause rapid growth and a thinning of… Read more »
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Cultural Measures Count

Cultural Measures Count
In addition to promoting healthier grass, mowing to the right height is helpful in preventing weeds because keeping your turf longer helps block sunlig… Read more »
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Work on the Down Low to Improve What’s on Top

What's Under Your Soil?
Horticulturists agree that time spent improving what is happening below the surface of a lawn greatly reduces the time needed to maintain what is on top o… Read more »
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