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How To Maintain the Grass in Extreme Heat


The peak of summer heat is here – can your lawn handle it?… Read more »

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Improving the Health of Your Lawn

Toro Aerator

Let’s face it: when you live in the suburbs, a healthy, well-kept lawn is a must.  Before anyone even steps into your house, it’s your front lawn that… Read more »

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Is It Really Lawn Disease?

Lawn issues might be a dog rather than disease

The best time to assess your turf’s state of health is before mowing. As you pick up fallen twigs or remove other items from the lawn, you should take a car… Read more »

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Earthworms – More Than Bait

Earthworms are More than Fish Bait

Abundant in moist, heavy soils, earthworms are a natural component of healthy lawns.  Their diet of dirt, organic matter, and excrete plant litter in t… Read more »

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