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How To Select The Right Blower For You


Gas or electric? 

Determine which power source will best meet the needs of your lawn size. If your yard is a ½ acre or larger, and you cannot reach every area with an extension cord, you may want to consider buying a gas unit.  However, electric blower vacs can provide outstanding power and performance, with several benefits over gas-powered models…

  • Less noise
  • No exhaust
  • No emissions
  • No mess or smell
  • No maintenance
  • Start instantly
  • Weigh less
  • Can be stored inside

Blower only or Blower/Vac? 

  • Blower-only models: perfect for light clean-up chores like putting the finishing touches on your landscape or to clear off the sidewalk or driveway
  • Blower/Vac models: great for managing leaves or removing organic debris from landscaped areas

How much power do I need?

  • Toro Power Sweep: for light clean-up tasks around the year, sidewalk, and garage
  • Toro Rake & Vac: for light to medium clean-up chores and the flexibility to vacuum
  • Toro Super or Ultra Blower Vacs: can handle the toughest, most demanding leaves and yard debris
  • To better understand blower power, click here!

Which features do I need?

2-speed motor: allows you to control the air stream for the right amount of blower or vacuum power.

  • Blower mode: use on low for better control on hard surfaces or in tight corners; use on high for tough lawn chores.
  • Vacuum mode: use on low in landscaped areas to avoid vacuuming up garden mulch or landscape rocks; use on high for tough lawn chores.

Variable speed motor:
Same as “2-speed motor” above except there is more flexibility to match the power level to the task.

The “miles per hour” rating of a blower is an indication, but not the sole factor in creating power. Blower power is a function of both air speed and air volume (see “understanding blower power”). For Toro blowers the higher MPH ratings do correspond with more power.

No tools conversion:
All Toro blower/vacs come with a quick-release latch to easily switch between blowing and vacuuming.

Mulch ratio:
The mulch ratio is a measure of how well a blower/vac mulches and reduces the volume of the debris. A mulch ratio of 10-to-1 means the blower/vac will mulch 10 bags of dry leaves down to one bag after vacuuming. Volume reduction will be less on debris that is high in moisture or densely packed.

Metal impeller:
A metal impeller will provide better mulching and better durability for aggressive and/or frequent vacuuming.

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