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Top Ways to Avoid Snowblower Hassles

Staying on top of basic snowblower maintenance… Read more »

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Know Your Snow When Choosing a Snowblower!

Choosing the best snowblower for your needs is somewhat dependent on the area you need to clear, but it’s also determined by the type of snow you typically remove. Both single-stage and two-… Read more »

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Snowblower Tips & Tricks

Snowblowing Tips & Tricks from Toro Don’t fight the wind.  Whenever possible, point the chute downwind so that the wind helps you blow the snow. It is usually best to move up and down the… Read more »

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Toro Snowblower Safety Tips

Read and understand your operator’s manual before operating the snowblower. For gasoline units, add fuel to the tank outdoors before starting the machine. Do not add gasoline to a running… Read more »

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Preparing Your Snowblower for Winter

Now is a great time to take your machine to a local dealer for any needed maintenance or repairs. If you're planning to do your own maintenance, or just want to see what we recommend, please follow these tips, which will help ensure your snowblower is ready for winter.