Before You Restore Your Lawn
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Burn Calories Taking Care of Your Lawn

Don’t dread those outside chores, think of them as an exercise program with a bonus—a great looking yard! Give your legs, hips, back, shoulders and arms a workout by hauling bags of compos… Read more »

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Yard Care Features

Everything is better in the yard! will use this section to give you ideas on new ways to enjoy the great outdoors.… Read more »

Lawn Games - Kickball
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Kickball—originally called “Kick Baseball”—is a game similar to baseball, invented in 1917, Nicholas C. Seuss, Supervisor of Cincinnati Park Playgrounds. The game is played lik… Read more »

Lawn Games - Ring Toss
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Ring Toss

Ring toss is a fun summer recreational activity. It is simple to play and can provide a family with hours of fun.  The Basics: Toss the ring onto the peg—sounds easy, but it is not.  Each play… Read more »

Lawn Games - Horseshoes
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Close Only Counts in Horseshoes …

It is estimated games with Horseshoes started as early as the 2nd century.  Modern Horseshoes is an outdoor game played between two people (or two teams of two people) using four horseshoes a… Read more »

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T-Ball, or Teeball, is a sport based on baseball and is intended as an introduction for children to develop baseball skills and have fun.  The origins of T-ball are not certain, but it is belie… Read more »

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Lawn Bowling

Lawn bowling involves rolling slightly asymmetric balls, called bowls, close to a smaller—normally white—bowl called the “jack” or “kitty.”  Lawn bow… Read more »

Medicine ball used in Hooverball
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Hooverball is a medicine ball game invented by President Herbert Hoover’s personal physician to help keep then-President Hoover fit.  In general, the game is played on a volleyball… Read more »

disc golf
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Disc Golf

Disc golf is a game in which players throw a flying disc into a basket or at a target.  The object is similar to regular golf, the player with the fewest number of throws, wins.  Modern disc golf… Read more »

Backyard Camping
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Backyard Camping

You don’t have to go any further than your backyard to enjoy the outdoors.  Pitch a tent, unroll your sleeping bags (or use blankets, air mattresses and pillow), and enjoy barbecuing, roas… Read more »