There are approximately 10,000 grass species in the world. Only about 50 can make a good lawn!]
choosing the right grass

Choosing the Right Grass

Do not buy seed on impulse! Choosing the right grass for your lawn can make the difference between having a low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly lawn versus one that is susceptible to… Read more »

choosing the right grass

Which Grass Where

If you read the research reports from various grass institutes, the number of cultivars of grass species will astonish you.  When you add in the numerous characteristics of each grass, and h… Read more »

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choosing the right grass

Warm-Season Grasses

St. Augustinegrass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) St. Augustine grass, despite its coarse leaves is favored in warm, humid climates for its ability to tolerate shade and salt. Photo by Dr. Van C… Read more »

choosing the right grass

Cool-Season Grasses

Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) Kentucky bluegrass is the most widely used cool-season species and the all-around best choice for a general-purpose lawn. Photo by Dr. Van Cline, Agrono… Read more »

choosing the right grass

Native Grasses

Native Grasses Native Grasses are survivors having evolved and adapted to the arid grassland plains. Unlike turfgrasses, native grasses are open and natural in appearance, and require lit… Read more »

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choosing the right grass

Cool-Season, Warm-Season, Transitional Zone or Native

There is no breed of grass able to thrive on both a Vermont ski slope and a Florida orange grove.  For this reason grasses are divided into two main groups, cool-season and warm-season, and the… Read more »